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The Joker’s Undies, Part 3: All About the Corset


Last time: I’m making period 18th century underwear for my Joker/Marie Antoinette cosplay. (Design here. Here are the first and second posts about making underwear.)

Today I’m sharing all the good sew-y details of making the corset. This post is, unfortunately, long and not as amusing as I would like it to be. But I hope it will be  informative for anyone making 18th century stays. Especially if you are using zip ties for boning or are going the less-historical route of using a sewing machine. If anything I’ve written is unclear or confusing, please don’t hesitate to ask me questions in the comments!! read more…

The Joker’s Undies, Part 2: Misadventures in Padding


Last week: I’m making period 18th century underwear for my Joker/Marie Antoinette cosplay. (Design here. Previous post about making underwear here.)

When we left off last time, I was talking about the corset for Joker Antoinette. It would make sense for me to tell you how I constructed it in detail, but I don’t wanna!

I’ll tell write about that next time. I wanna talk about padding and how my body is supposed to look in this thing. read more…

The Joker’s Undies, Part 1


I’ve been hard at work on my Joker Antoinette costume for Comic-Con Germany! My version of Batman’s Joker just happens to be an 18th century queen. I’m not aiming for 100% historical accuracy, but I think  the key to making this costume stand out will be nailing the silhouette of the period. read more…

Introducing Joker Antoinette!


I’ve got my tickets for Comic Con Germany and OF COURSE I am going to go in costume!! Here’s my idea: I’ll be a genderbending crossover between the Joker from Batman and the infamous French queen Marie Antoinette. Her name: Joker Antoinette. Or maybe Marie Jokerette… read more…

Disney-Bounding 4 – I’m playing sewing detective

Rhapsody in Blue Disney Bound Front 3


Though there are about twenty people missing from these photos, I’m trying to emulate the mother from “Rhapsody in Blue” in Fantasia 2000. read more…

Bold Graphics Come in Pieces

Two-piece dress jump

He-eyyyy I got a new dress for summer. A two-piece dress cut to show off a cheeky little bit o’ belly button. read more…

Going to a huge craft convention!

At the Bead StandThis weekend, there was a huge craft convention in Stuttgart. It had stalls for nearly every craft you could imagine -from jewelry-making to scrapbooking. There was even a stall selling tiny handmade sock earrings. read more…

The Rawest Ursula Disney-bound (with scarf tutorial!!)


Week 3: Bounding as Ursula

I’ve been disney-bounding with my sister Grace. Weeks 1 and 2 are here. The third Monday we’re doing Ursula from the little Mermaid. I’m the octopus version of the witch, and Grace will be my counterpart impersonating Ariel on the ship.

I’ve made the skirt, vest, and scarf. These pieces are united by a similar style: raw edges and textural details enhance a montone black palette. read more…

Me-Made disney bounds with my sister

Fantasia Pony Bound 1

March is Disney bounding month.  What’s bounding, you ask?

Disney bounding is using modern clothes to dress up sort of like a Disney character. Adults are not allowed to wear costumes in Disney parks, but fans still wanted to dress up like their favorite films. And so bounding was born. read more…

Promod-inspired dress with vortexes of DOOM on the sides

Promod_Inspired_Dress_Front_1You know the feeling when you go through old stuff and realize how many things you planned and never got around to doing? Yes? Oh boy. ME TOO. read more…

Pun-tastic Ideas for Sewing Valentines! …well, for next year


I made pun-tastic sewing Valentine’s cards for my family this year! And even though I’m a little late read more…

The skirt with diamond buttons

Pencil Skirt Front 1I have not sewed in a while, but a thrift shop got my sewing mojo running again. I picked up this pencil skirt for 5 euros and was inspired to turn it into a midi button-down skirt. read more…