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Sunset and Black Scarf

I’ve made two more chunky scarves.

Sunset scarf front 2

Scarf A is arm-knitted like my last scarf, but I learned from my mistake and bought normal yarn this time instead of making it.

Sunset Balls of Yarn

I used these three types of  yarn. All of them are meant for size 10 to 12 needles. I doubled them up so that I was working with 7 strands together – 3 pink, 2 purple, and 2 orange. I needed about 55 yards of yarn (well, 55 x 7 in total) for this scarf.

Sunset scarf closeup

Knitting the scarf took just over half an hour. At first I was unhappy because it wasn’t sitting close enough to my neck, but now I’ve threaded a piece of clear elastic around the top to pull it in.

Sunset scarf held flat

The colors remind me of a sunset.

Sunset scarf back 1

So purdy!

Sunset scarf front 1

Scarf  B is the polar opposite of Scarf A. It’s black and it’s sewn from black wool cut on the bias.

Black Scarf Front

The scarf wraps twice around my neck and it’s big. Maybe even too big. I can’t see the step in front of me when I’m walking downstairs and it gets in the way when I’m reading or eating. Oops.

Black Scarf Side

I feel like the blonde in this commercial.

Despite its shortcomings, I’ve been wearing this scarf a lot (confession here – I actually made it in early January).

The scarf is made from two triangles joined by diagonal seams that start at the “V” here and continue all the way around to meet at a point on the other side. The detail gets lost in the dark color, but I’d love to make this again with two colors of fabric to show it off.

Black Scarf Full Length

Here I’ve tried to illustrate how I made the scarf:

Colorful Scarf Schematic

My scarf collection is set to continue growing exponentially, as I’ve already bought yarn for two more arm-knitted scarves. The sensible part of me (Jiminy Cricket, is that you?) points out that I don’t need so many scarves. After all, I only have one neck to wear them on. Maybe I can figure out something else to make with the yarn instead.

Am I the only one who feels a twinge of guilt when I make something I already have plenty of, or do you get this too?


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