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Adorable apron

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Piranha Plant Mario Apron

Sewweekly’s apron week is barely behind us, and I stumble on this amazing apron today. I wish I were this creative. I also took a look at her shop and the Dr. Who aprons are a.dor.a.ble.

Speaking of Sewweekly, I made an apron for the apron challenge, but then I flaked out about getting a picture taken of it and so I didn’t post. I have a very reluctant photographer, but I’ll have to get better about forcing him to take photos, since that’s a *little* bit important for a blog… I’ll just have to come up with an effective bribe…

UPDATE: I never got the picture, but I did find this, taken on Halloween,  the first time I wore the apronon Halloween. It looks like polka dot print, but it actually has buttons printed on it. By the way, do you see that bowl of candy sitting ready back there? Not a single trick-or-treater came! Definitely a downside of living in Germany!

homemade polka-dot apron

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