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Back with a bang… or at least a handmade hatband

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Hi there, I’ve been away for an inordinately long period of time. I don’t have much of an excuse either, though a lot has changed since I last posted. I moved cross-country to Stuttgart from Berlin at the beginning of this month and have been very busy setting up the apartment and organizing my sewing space – a challenge, since I just have a corner of the living room. I’ve been sewing merrily away, though, and have some small home decorating projects that I’ll post once I’ve finished them.Handmade Hat Band, DIY Accessory

When I bought this straw hat from H&M, it had a blue chambray hatband. Unfortunately, DH bought a similar hat with the same hatband last year, and he complained that we looked too much like twinsies when we went out together. Apparently, that’s not his style.

My new handmade hatband is red and white seersucker and complete with a ladylike bow, a detail that was lacking in the original design. I still need to figure out how to attach the band to the hat. It works fine when it’s on my head, but when I take it off, the band goes flying. The old band was glued on, but I’d like the new one to be removable so I can switch the out.

In order to maintain our well-coordinated couple style, I’ve suggested that DH bleach a few stars into his blue hatband so we look like a walking American flag. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be his style either.


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