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Going to a huge craft convention!

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This weekend, there was a huge craft convention in Stuttgart. It had stalls for nearly every craft you could imagine -from jewelry-making to scrapbooking. There was even a stall selling tiny handmade sock earrings.

The Rawest Ursula Disney-bound (with scarf tutorial!!)

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Week 3: Bounding as Ursula I’ve been disney-bounding with my sister Grace. Weeks 1 and 2 are here. The third Monday we’re doing Ursula from the little Mermaid. I’m the octopus version of the witch, and Grace will be my counterpart impersonating Ariel on the ship. I’ve made the skirt, vest, and scarf. These pieces […]

Me-Made disney bounds with my sister

March is Disney bounding month.  What’s bounding, you ask? Disney bounding is using modern clothes to dress up sort of like a Disney character. Adults are not allowed to wear costumes in Disney parks, but fans still wanted to dress up like their favorite films. And so bounding was born.

The skirt with diamond buttons

I have not sewed in a while, but a thrift shop got my sewing mojo running again. I picked up this pencil skirt for 5 euros and was inspired to turn it into a midi button-down skirt.

Refashioned chiffon vest – useless, but pretty!

This weekend, I needed a sewing fix, so I make a quick refasion – this  little chiffon vest. It’s sewn from a mock wrap dress my mom bought it for me in high school. At some point the dress didn’t fit over my hips any more, but I held onto it because the fabric is […]