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End of summer dress

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Jerse maxi dress front closeupI finished this dress just in time to catch the last breaths of summer!

Jerse maxi dress Back 1The amazing border print jersey is really what makes the dress stand out. It’s from Berger Stoffe fabric store in Berlin and it’s been in my stash for a couple years. Since moving away from the city I really miss that store – I feel like my stash is starting to run low on crazy floral fabric!

Jerse maxi dress front 2The three flowers printed on the front and the back are actually exactly the same, but I cut the back upside down so that they would appear different. Now that I look again, maybe the front is actually upside down… what do you think?

Jersey maxi dress Front 3Instead of using a pattern, I traced the shape off of a favorite tank top and maxi skirt. It should have been just four pieces, since jersey stretches and doesn’t need extra shaping pieces. But as usual, I didn’t have enough fabric for the project. I only had a yard and a half, so once I got the skirt cut out there wasn’t a piece wide enough for either of the bodice pieces left. I ended up getting creative with piecing the bodice.

Jerse maxi dress black closeupSo now I have princess seams at the front and back, as well as somewhat unconventional shoulder seam placement. I wanted the whole bodice to have green spots, but I only had enough spots left for the front.

Jersey maxi dress Front 4However, I’m convinced that unless I point them out, no one else will notice the dress’s flaws!


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