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Jokerette’s photo shoot – and your chance to vote on her name

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Head out of bushes_final

The photos from Jokerette’s photo shoot are finally finished and I’m so excited about how they turned out!!!

peeking out of bushes_final

They were shot by the very talented photographer Kerstin Habisch, and I edited them myself. Here’s a snapshot of the process of turning a daytime scene into a foggy Joker night.


I don’t have much else to say about the photos. I think they speak for themselves – and I have already been writing plenty about the construction process in this series of posts.

Back_view_final view

But I do need to put the character’s name up for a vote because I can’t decide which name is best. What’s your choice?

  • Joker Antoinette
  • Jokerette
  • Mrs. Joker
  • Bride of Joker
  • Marie Jokerette

Jokerette with fan_final

Please place your vote in the comments below – or at facebook.com/buttonandsnap.

Laying on concrete slab_final


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