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This is not a lucky St. Paddy’s tee.

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Green Bow TeeI’ve been busy studying for final exams, but I’ve still managed to finish a few easy sewing projects – I needed something between all the math and chemistry to keep me sane! This green tee was my latest project.

Green Bow Tee Back

It is my first shirt with a mullet hem. After only about two years of hating this trend, I woke up one day and decided I want it. I guess I’m not  quite on the cutting edge of fashion. Just wait – maybe color-blocking will be my next big project.

Look at my BowI had planned to have a bow on each shoulder, but after polling the girls in my math final prep course, I sewed two bows together and put them on one shoulder. Go teamwork! I would never have thought of that myself.

This shirt is comfortable and pretty, but has its drawbacks. I wore this to  the math final on Saint Patrick’s day in the hope it would bring me luck. It was a total dud. The final went horribly!

Green Bow Tee Full LengthIf you have any tips on how to make lucky shirts, I’m collecting them! The repeat final for math is in under a month!

Update: against all odds, I passed math on the first try!

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