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The Mad Men Challenge: Cynthia Cosgrove

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Comparison PhotosJulia Bobbin hosted her third Mad Men Challenge this year, and after seeing all the great projects the in the last two challenges, I just had to participate. I spotted this little shift dress in “Signal 30”, episode 5 of the fifth season.

Cynthia Cosgrove and the CookiesSince I made a  loosely-fitted tee in March, I’ve been wanting to try some of the less fitted styles from the sixties too. This was the perfect excuse to do it!Cynthia Cosgrove Signal 30

The fabric, buttons, and patterns I used came from my stash. I wanted to use a pattern from the 1960s to lend autheticity to the dress, but  chose the modern Vogue 2538 pattern since it had the same sloping French darts that Cynthia’s dress has. They don’t show up very well in the pictures, but I was surprised how good they look in real life. I always expected that diagonal darts would accentuate a small bust and wide hips, but they’re actually just fine.Cynthia Cosgrove is so EnthusiasticI altered the pattern to make a slit yoke at the neckline and add an extra piece at the hem. Even though I cut six inches off the length, this is still a bit longer that I was going for. Otherwise, I think it’s pretty close to Cynthia’s costume.Mad Men Season 5 Signal 30

My little bow at the hem is authentic sixties! It’s from Simplicity 7320. Having done a modern bow last month and a “mod” bow this month, I can now say with authority that bow patterns have not changed much in the last 50 years. They are all rectangles.

Cynthia Cosgrove Signal 30 DressConfession time: Although I got excited and found the inspiration pics for this costume well over a month ago – back when the challenge was announced – I didn’t actually start the project until April 1st, the due date. There has been some turbo-sewing going on here!

Cynthia Cosgrove and and her TippleAlso, that’s not really whiskey in my shot glass, it’s watered-down coffee. There’s been more caffeine flowing here than alcohol. Not that it’s made me any less silly!

Cynthia Cosgrove Signal 30 Dress 2Guess it’s about time to wrap this party up… thanks for stopping by!


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