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Me-Made disney bounds with my sister

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Fantasia Pony Bound 1

March is Disney bounding month.  What’s bounding, you ask?

Disney bounding is using modern clothes to dress up sort of like a Disney character. Adults are not allowed to wear costumes in Disney parks, but fans still wanted to dress up like their favorite films. And so bounding was born.

My sister Grace is a big Disney fan. She bounds often and shares her outfits on tumblr. Even though she lives in California, 6000 miles from Germany, we try to stay close. So this month, she asked me to do a long-distance bound with her every Monday.

I wanted to share the first two bounds today, and tomorrow I’ll share the the final two bounds.

Week 1: Fantasia Bounding

We decided to start the month with Fantasia. We both dressed up as baby Pegasus’s from Beethoven’s 5th symphony. I’m the black one. I tried to emulate a horse’s mane with my hair and evoke the flowers and rainbows in the piece. Grace was the pink pony – she made a collage of us both here.

Fantasia Pony Bound 4


It didn’t occur to me to try and make my bounds from Me-Made outfits the first week, but I was still wearing a few homemade things. First of all, my earrings. I’ve gotten into making jewelry in the last six months. Usually I stick to simple shapes that don’t take much skill to look good. I made the rainbows out of polymer clay, then attached them to pieces of chain from an old necklace.

Fantasia Pony Bound 2

I also made the hair pins by sewing small circles of felt with two slits in them to the backs of the flowers. I can slip bobby pins through the slits to use them. It’s not fancy sewing, but it was time intensive. You can see one unmodified flower at the lower right in the picture.

Fantasia Pony Hair Flowers

Also, the skirt I’m wearing is a thrift shop find that altered to make bigger. If you look closely, you can see two side seams about 2″ apart in the picture. I’ve inserted a wedge of fabric from the hem selvage to make the hips wider.I blogged about way back when this blog was young.

Fantasia Pony Bound 3

Week 2: Tweedledee and Tweedledum Bounds

The second week, we were Tweedledee and Tweedledum…


Actually, plot twist: Grace is in grad school and has swamped ended up being swamped this semester. So I am both Tweedledee and Tweedledum for now.


Tweedledum and Tweedledee_Bound

Grace will have to play catch up later. As a good older sister (or two…) I must advocate that school comes first! Always!


A light bulb went off when I found these red crushed velvet leggings at the bottom of my drawer. I haven’t worn them out much since I made them. I need to use bounding as an opportunity to get out of my  rut and wear more of the clothes I’ve made.


The yellow sweater may look new at first glance, but it is darned in about ten places because of moth holes. I haggled it down to half price at the thrift shop – 2.50 euros – because of those holes.

Darned Sweater

Darning has a reputation for being old-fashioned, but I have saved so many pieces of clothing by being able to repair holes. I don’t do socks – they’re not worth the time IMHO, but I darn wool fabric, sweaters, shirts, and sweater tights. I tried to stack up all my darned clothes for a blog post about darning that I never got around to writing. I had a pile of 20 or 30 clothes! With that much practice, I think I can call myself something of a darn connoisseur.

And as a connoisseur, I knew this would be  a hard darn to make look good. It’s easier to blend in with a large, bulky knit than a smooth one. Also, the closer you thread is in color, texture, weight, and elasiticity, the better your chances that the darn will be nearly invisible. That’s why expensive sweaters come with a little envelope of matching yarn.

For this sweater, I only had regular sewing thread in a matching color. And because of that, this mending is really visible. That said, I don’t think it’s that noticeable once I have the sweater on.


I made these earrings too. I’m not sure if Tweedledee and Tweedledum were ever depicted with lollipops. But I am sure if they saw candy, they would howl until their mom caved and bought it.

Tomorrow is the last Monday in March; I’ll post my last two bounds of the month then.





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