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Me Made May ’14 Round-Up

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MMM14logolargeMe Made May is now over and even though I haven’t posted about it, I have been wearing as many me made things as possible and taking pictures each day.

Things have been really crazy this month between college classes and work, and I haven’t had much time for myself. Surprisingly, taking a couple minutes for myself each day to figure out a me-made outfit has been helping keep me sane.

Me Made Ma 14 Girly SkirtsI made the three skirts here as well as the floral top in the center picture (it’s actually a dress tucked under the skirt) and the blue sweater on the right. Nope, I didn’t knit it, I made it from a larger sweater, arranging the pieces so that the original ribbing remained at the waist and sleeves. The third outfit is my favorite of the bunch and I wore it three times.

Me Made May 14 Comfie SkirtsHere I made  or refashioned all the skirts and made all the tops except the black T-shirt . I wore the first outfit a couple times, but hated the fourth outfit. The proportions were off and I felt about 15 years out of style.

I made this tunic three years ago froMe Made May 14 Maxi SkirtsI made the turquoise dress about eight years ago. It’s too form-fitting for my tastes now and I want to alter it before I wear it again. The scarf is one of my favorites for fall.

The floral skirt I new, but I’m not happy with it. It feels like a costume.

The orange skirt is refashioned from an H&M dress and is one of my favorites. The matching sweater is store bought, but it’s twelve years old and so thoroughly darned that soon it will only consist of my darning stitches and really will be me made. I also wore this outfit several times.

Me Made May 14 JeansI had to wear pants on days that I had chemistry lab, and I don’t have any me-made ones, but the blouse is a thrift store refashion and the sweater is the same as in the first set of pictures.

Me Made May 14 DressesI do love dresses! They’re hard to wear at this time if year because I end up covering them with cardigans. The black and white sundress is an oldy and one of my favorites. Adding a shirt under the yellow dress was not a good idea. Halfway through the day I realized the colors looked like Ronald Mcdonald, which ruined this outfit for me. The black tunic is a wee bit short, so I only wear it on cold days with 2 pairs of leggings to cover my bum. And this blooming dress was finished this month! I will blog about it in the future.

Me Made May 14 AccessoriesFinally, I wanted to include some accessories. The scarf is me made and a staple in spring. The jacket was a thrift shop find. It was a little tight in the hips, so I removed some fabric from the inner side of the zipper and added two wedges to the sides. The orange floral fabric on the lining fills in for the fabric I removed as well as where the lining no longer met at the hips because of the alteration

When I bought the Converse in high school, the lady on them was wearing an awfully skimpy swimsuit, so I gave her a pretty velveteen skirt to cover up. So when I wear these shoes, I’m automatically wearing two me-made skirts!

Lastly, I made some earrings using a covered button kit and some old studs. I took some pictures of the process, I just need to get a tutorial about it up. Do you think the pink is too close to the color of my ears?

In conclusion, I’ve decided that I need to try making so pants myself, as well as more printed separates, both skirts and blouses (nope, can never have enough skirts!) and more blazers or sweater to cover  up when it’s cold.

If you’ve read through the whole post, I’m thoroughly impressed by your patience! Here’s a picture of a patient hen roosting on some kittens to reward you for making it to the end. Hen & KittensThanks for stopping by!


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