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You’ve probably heard of “Me Made May”, where sewists challenge themselves to wear there own creations for the entire month and post their outfits. Well, I’d like to do a version of that, but since May is a long way off, I think I’ll take a cue from German blogging community of sewists. Many hold “Me Made Mittwoch”, which means Me Made Wednesday. The only problem (but it’s a very grave one) is that the title is lacking alliteration. Noooooo!

My brain has been spinning double-time to come up with a solution, and I have come up with not one, but three!


Idea number 1:The new alternative to Me made Monday

We Wade Wednesday

Each Wednesday will feature new pictures of people wading in homemade bathing suits!

Or idea number 2:

Me Made Midweek

I know the second idea is more than slightly inferior. And I would have crossed it right off the list if I hadn’t remembered that winter is coming and in two months it’ll be We Stand-On-Ice-In-A-Swimsuit Wednesday. That clearly violates the rules of alliteration.


Out of desperation, I have even contemplated the unthinkable:

Me Made Monday

Oh yes, I considered Monday morning. But I’ve checked my schedule and unfortunately, my Mondays are completely booked with appointments to hit the snooze button every 6 minutes until I’m forced to run, unshowered and semi-dressed, for the bus. So coordinating outfits and taking photos will have to wait.

Having been forced into a corner by the constraints of alliteration, time, and weather, I’ve decided to go with with Me Made Midweeks. If you’d like to join in the midweek fun, post a link in the comments. I’d love to see you show off what you’ve been sewing!

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