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Me Made Midweek: A black & white seventies sundress

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Styling brown and black together in an outfit

Me Made Midweek #3

This sundress is one of the oldest pieces of clothing I’ve made that I still wear regularly. I made it when I was about 14 or 15, so it’s about ten years old. It’s made from a pattern from the seventies that my mother got in a big box of old patterns for five dollars. After I made the dress, we figured out that my grandmother had made my mother a dress from the same pattern when she was a teenager.

Black and white flowered sundress from vintage 70s pattern

This is one of many sundresses that are better suited to Los Angeles weather than Berlin weather, but it transitions pretty well to fall with the t-shirt, boots and thick tights.

Mixing black and brown clothing

I used to think that mixing brown and black could only be a fashion faux pas. However, when I moved to Berlin, I cleverly bought one black winter coat and one pair of brown winter boots, which meant that I had to wear black and brown together eight months out of the year. For two years in a row.

I’ve grown pretty fond of mixing brown and black since then, especially because I find black alone too dark and harsh for my taste. In order to look put together when mixing black and brown, I usually choose one of them to be my accent color and then try to follow the rule of three: your accent color should be worn in three places, spaced out. Here I decided that brown is the accent, so my t-shirt, belt, and tights are brown. Actually, my earrings are brown too, so that makes four brown accents.

Oh well, rules are made to be broken, right?

Retro flowered sundress

If I ever went back and redid the zipper, I’d put in a white one. But I have no plans to fix that. I really detest setting zippers.

I’d like to leave you with my modelling photo. Have you seen this pose where the model has her arm draped over her head. Whyyy??Styling a sundress to transition into fall

What do you think? Is combining brown and black a fashion mistake? And why do models drape their hands over there heads? We must be able to come up with some crazy explanation for that.

  • David Preston

    Just stumbled upon your blog during a search. This sundress is so adorable!!!

  • The Dreamstress

    Well, all shades of brown are deadly on me, so I don’t wear black with brown, but not because they don’t go together! I do like challenging the rules of what ‘goes’ so I approve of that.

    I love that you’re still wearing something that you made as a teenager. I also do that (with the ones that fit). It really makes sewing worthwhile!

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