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New Rainbow Skirt

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RainbowSkirtHeroHey there, I just wanted to show you my latest skirt, a simple A-line made of AMAZING fabric!

To be honest, the fabric itself isn’t so awesome. Even after washing, it’s stiff and sort of scratchy and it wrinkles really easily. But the print is really unique! I picked up 2 meters of it from the fabric store”Berger Stoffe” back when I lived in Berlin.

RainbowSkirtBackI made this skirt from scraps, since I used the bulk of the fabric to make my youngest sister a maxi skirt for Christmas. The front is the absolute largest piece I had. I even had to add  slanted pockets to fill in the top corners of the front because they had been cut off of the piece.

Rainbow Skirt front closeupI got lucky with the print  at the back. It was just a fluke that it matched as well as it did.

Rainbow Skirt back closeupThis skirt is meant to be experiment. I’m working on a blog post about testing the strength of vintage thread and I wanted to try out one of my oldest spools – I think it’s 60 or 70 years old – on a project.

Does Vintage Thread Go BadI’ve noticed that my waist can fluctuate by a couple of inches depending on the day, which makes it hard to fit skirts sometimes. So to fix this, I’ve threaded elastic into the back waistband to give the skirt a more flexible fit.

Here’s this skirt without a belt. Instead of belt loops, I just attached thread loops at the side seams. I think they’re inconspicuous enough that no one will notice them, even when I don’t have a belt on. I think I might add elastic to some of my older skirts because it is working well.

RainbowSkirtFrontThis skirt is pretty bright. I’ve noticed that I often sew with colorful prints, but when I buy clothes, they’re much more toned down. Do you notice a difference between the clothes you buy and the styles you make yourself?


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