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New red dress for my sister!

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Madeline dancing in her red dressIt’s been a long time coming, but I can finally show you my sister Madeline’s dress! We started it together when she spent a weekend with me in February. We tag-teamed to get it made more quickly – she did most of the sewing, while I did the ironing and pinning.

Madeline's finished dress backWe made it using Vogue 1004, a base dress pattern that you can alter any way you want. We gave it a fun neckline:  business in the front, dip it low in the back!

The dress is made from a housedress that I inherited from my late great aunt. Getting the bodice and sleeves of the dress cut out of the top of the robe was quite a squeeze!

To make things more difficult, the fabric had some small holes in the arms from wear and tear. We tried to avoid them when cutting out, and we lined the entire dress to take some of the strain off the old fabric.

1960's HousedressMadeline modelled the robe before we cut it up. Even she can’t make it look cool.

Button CloseupIt had cute flower-shaped buttons down the front, so we used them to close her dress at the back.Hair ClipWith the scraps, I made her two little bow clips. I’m becoming quite the expert on bows! Practice makes perfect, eh?

Madeline's finished dress frontMadeline and I are really pleased with how this came out! Doesn’t she look cute? If only she lived closer so I could borrow it from her…


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