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Privacy Policy

You can use our website, www.buttonandsnap.com, without having to enter any personal information. Information is considered personal if it can be associated with a specific person.

Whenever you do enter any personal information (e.g. name, email), we collect it in accordance with German data protection law. Below, we’ll explain what information we’ll collect and how we use it.


Cookies store bits of information in your browser. Privacy concerns may arise when personal information stored in these cookies is transferred elsewhere.

Our website uses WordPress which by itself does not store a cookie on your computer when simply browsing the site.

When you comment on an article of our site, some information that you enter may be saved in a cookie. During your next visit, you will find those fields already filled in, making it more convenient to quickly comment on an article. If you do not or no longer want this information to be saved in a cookie, then make sure that the checkbox at the bottom of the form is unchecked!

We currently use Google Analytics which also stores a cookie on your machine and transfers anonymous data. See below for more on this.

You can prevent cookies from being installed by adjusting the relevant settings in your browser. However, some sites may not display properly if you choose to never accept any cookies.

Server Data

Our web server stores various information in its log files. This is technical data that your browser makes available to any site that you visit. Among others, the important bits are

  • the operating system and browser
  • the webpage you were on before coming to our site (the referrer URL)
  • pages and assets you’ve accessed on our site
  • the date and time of your visit
  • your Internet Protocol (IP) address.

This data is stored in the server log files. As we are using a web-hosting service, we do not have direct access to the server logs files.

Contacting Us

There are various links on our website where you can email us, for instance, the webmaster mentioned in the footer on every page. Naturally, we’ll then see your email address and any technical information transferred by your email client, server etc. But we do not pass this information on to any third parties.

Posting Comments

You can comment on articles on our website. The information you provide in the comment form is stored in our website database. Unless we are required to do so by law, we will not pass this information on to third parties.

Email Subscription

You can register on our site to receive an email notifying you of a new published post. This service is provided by Feedburner, a service of Google Inc. in the USA. So your email address will be shared with Google. We can also see it in our Feedburner account. While we do not use your email address in any way, Google’s Feedburner service uses it to send you the email announcing a new post. Please read more about how Google handles your data in Google’s privacy policy.

Google Analytics with anonymization

Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service from Google Inc. in the USA. Google Analytics employs cookies in your browser in order that we can analyse the website user traffic. By allowing Google Analytics to set its cookies in your browser, data is transferred with the help of JavaScript to the Google Analytics servers. This information includes things such as time, place and frequency of your visits to our site, including your IP address.

We do utilise Google Analytics’ feature “anonymizeIp”. This means that Google shortens and thereby anonymises your IP address before processing the data associated with it.

Google uses this information to compile reports for us on internet activity and to provide other services relating to website and internet use. Google may also transfer this information to third parties where required to do so by law or where such third parties process this data on Google’s behalf.

If you don’t want data to be transferred to Google Analytics, you can deactivate Google Analytics by clicking the link below. This actually sets a cookie (!) that keeps Google Analytics deactivated on every page that you visit on our site until you opt back in or delete the cookie.

Deactivate Google Analytics

(If you’ve changed you mind, you can opt back in.)

Alternatively, you could use an add-on by Google that deactivates Google Analytics:


And, of course, you could also use several privacy add-ons like Ghostery or EFF’s Privacy Badger that can also be configured to block Google Analytics among other services.

Please refer to Google’s privacy policy for more information.


Our website employs components provided by Facebook Inc. in the USA.

Facebook tracks a lot of what you do online so it may track your visit to our site if you are logged in to Facebook while doing so. Generally, Facebook can track your website visits because those websites load the necessary Facebook JavaScript code whenever you access a webpage. Unlike other websites, however, our pages do not load any Facebook JavaScript code by default. If you click on the Facebook Share button on our site, you are then prompted to log in to Facebook, a process which then loads the Facebook JavaScript code. But if you do not click on the Share button, the Facebook JavaScript code is not loaded while browsing our site.

You can use third-party browser add-ons to block Facebook among other services. Above, we suggested Ghostery or Privacy Badger. But there are more.

Please also refer to Facebook’s privacy policy.

YouTube Videos

On some of our pages, we have integrated videos, hosted on YouTube – a company owned by Google.

If you access a page on our site containing a YouTube video, usage data may be shared with YouTube, especially so, if you watch the video, and in particular, if you are logged in to YouTube or Google. Refer to Google’s privacy policy for more information.


We also use Pinterest (another company in the USA) to help you share images.

Through the “Pin it“ button integrated into our website, Pinterest is informed that you have accessed that particular page of our site. If you are logged into Pinterest, Pinterest can associate your visit to our site with your Pinterest account and thereby create a link to the data collected. Pinterest stores data transferred to it. We certainly do not control Pinterest’s use of the data. Refer to their privacy policy for more information.

The privacy add-ons mentioned above should also work to suppress this data transfer to Pinterest while using our site – Ghostery in particular.

To prevent Pinterest from associating your visit to our website to your Pinterest account, you must first log out of your Pinterest account before visiting our site.


Legally, you have the right to have your data corrected or deleted unless there are other laws that prevent this. So if you have a question, let us know, in particular if you just want us to delete a comment of yours.