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Here’s a quick post for Me Made Midweek – I’m keeping it short because I spent all evening making Christmas presents and now it’s 1am.

I’ve posted about both the top and skirt before; the skirt was an old project that I took apart and remade last September. The sweater was a thrift shop find that I took in from a size large and it’s become a favorite of mine this year.


I wanted to make this relatively summery skirt work for the winter as well, and I think it goes well with the darker belt and boots. The ivy print on the skirt has a little bit of port color in it. I’d love to make a port-colored velveteen blazer and cream tie-front blouse to go with the skirt.

BackMy earrings are made by my sister Virginia, who makes lots of beaded jewelry. They’re pale green with red crystals dangling from them. It’s an unusual color combination and goes perfectly with the outfit. Virginia’s current DIY  project is a big one  – she’s in labor with her first baby boy right now! I’m waiting with bated breath for news on how they are doing!

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  • elise//honigdesign

    A great make! I love anything that uses leftover fabric, and you’ve done it so well. Merry Christmas!

  • Marta

    I love your skirt! Great way to use leftover fabric and create something interesting! I love the shape of the skirt on you. I’ve been trying different skirt/dress bottom types that work for me but it seems that I look best in pencil/straight or tulip bottoms. Well, I’ll keep trying 😉

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