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Quick and thrifty alterations

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Knit Sweater and SkirtThis  is just a quick post to show you a sweater and skirt that have become my favorite this winter. Both are thrifted and have been altered to fit.

The sweater, which is from Target’s Merona brand, was a size large. I took it in by sewing from the wrist to the armpit and then down to the hip. It now fits better than one off the rack since I could fit my hips, which are several sizes larger than my bust in ready-to-wear.

Knit Sweater and SkirtThis sturdy knit skirt  is from a thrift shop in Berlin. I especially like the vertical tucks that add texture to an otherwise plain style.

Knit Sweater and Skirt 3I shortened the skirt by removing the waistband and chopping  six inches off of the top of the skirt. After taking each panel in to fit at the waist, I reattached the waistband. Shortening the skirt from the top kept it  as full as possible. Not having to hand-sew the hem was also a bonus!

Knit Sweater and Skirt 5These alterations aren’t as exciting as making a vest from an old peacoat or Christmas decorations from sweaters,  but they’re the bread and butter of my everyday sewing. I can’t imagine trying to shop – especially thrift shop – and being unable to adjust clothes to fit.

Knit Sweater and SkirtPlus, I like the satisfaction I get from finishing a quick project.

Do you like doing alterations, or are those the projects that never make it out of the to-do heap?

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