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A skirt of many colors

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Pleated Ikat Skirt 1

It’s wintry and gray outside but I’ve got just the skirt to brighten my day. I finished it in January, making it my first project of 2014. Instead of using a pattern, I used this Simple Skirt Tutorial from the blog “Peneloping” to create it. What a great way idea for an easy skirt! It’s just made of three rectangles, and its pleats are very stylish right now.

Pleated Ikat Skirt 3

The rainbow-hued ikat fabric is more colorful than my usual palette of neutrals and cool colors. I could happily fill my wardrobe with gray, brown, and sage green clothing, but I’m trying to get out of that rut! In fact, if I were wearing those colors I’d camouflage into these pictures so well that you wouldn’t see me…

Pleated Ikat Skirt 4

Naturally, this fabric didn’t make its way into my stash as an uncut rectangle of freshly-bought fabric. Like most of my sewing projects, it started as an old piece of clothing. And what clothing it was! A pair of voluminous rainbow culottes made by my Great-Aunt Marcella that would make even the Norwegian men’s curling team blush. If I ever want to recreate the culottes, I even have her old pattern. Who knows – maybe this style will be the next great thing?

Butterick 4214

The skirt has belt loops and pockets – both left over from the culottes. Sometimes it’s easier not to start from scratch! I added an antique gold button at the back so the skirt will look good without a belt as well.

Pleated Ikat Skirt 5

Since making this skirt, I’ve already worn it at least six times, so I think I can call it a new favorite, even though it’s a step away from my normal¬† palette.

Pleated Ikat Skirt 2

Do you gravitate toward certain colors of clothing? Do you prefer to stick with what you know works, or do you like to try to branch out?


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