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Quirky little stuffed monsters…

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Homemade stuffed animalsI’d been tossing around the idea of teaching sewing, so I decided to try out an idea I had for a beginner’s project. I thought that stuffed monsters might be an easy project that also allowed for a lot of creativity.

I came up with the idea because I started sewing by making stuffed animals using printed fabric like these pigs. I remember struggling to follow the curves properly, but I liked that the projects were short and easy. I thought that the monsters would be a similar type of project, simply following a curved line.

beginning sewing projects stuffed animals

However, one hitch was that I didn’t have pre-printed fabric, so I needed to give the monsters faces. I decided to applique fabric features on, which turned out to be very time consuming. I fused the pieces on first with double-sided iron-on fusing, and then sewed them on by hand because sewing around small circles on a machine is not beginner level.

Well that took a whole evening. I first tried blanket stitch, then whip stitch and even running stitch to secure them on. The whip stitch and running stitch were easier and quicker, but this was still time consuming.

Since I made these, they’ve been mostly living on my couch. I like their quirky look. Who knows? Maybe I’ll make a couple more.

Plush animal on holiday

(When they’re not on the couch, my stuffed monsters enjoy travelling. I’m sure you can read all about this bunny’s Parisian adventure in the French tabloids.)

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