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Tutorial: How to bike in a maxi skirt

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tutorial bicycling in skirt

When the weather’s nice, I ride my bike everywhere I go. However, when I tried biking in my new maxi skirt, it ended in disaster. The skirt was so full and flowing that it kept getting in the way. Finally, it got completely tangled in my bike chain.

I really wanted to be able to wear this skirt out, but that just wasn’t going to happen if I couldn’t wear it on my bike. I kept trying different ways to keep it out of the way when I rode. IĀ  searched for tutorials on the internet, but none worked for a full maxi skirt like this. Finally, after lots of testing, I came up with a solution. I’d like to share it with you now, so here’s a quick tutorial:

How to bike in a maxi skirt

First of all, you’ll need a belt for tucking your skirt into. Also, if you prefer, wear a knee-length slip under the skirt to keep your legs covered.

Now grab your skirt and pull all its fullness to the front.

Biking 2

Then twist the front of the skirt three to four times, so it looks like this:

Biking 3

Here’s where the belt comes in. Tuck the twist up through your belt. Then settle your belt down on your hips so that the twisted part of the skirt is held firmly in place. The free end of the skirt should hang to about your knees.

Biking 4

Arrange the free end of the skirt to cover your front so that it looks nice and even.

Biking 5


And you’re all set… happy biking!

Biking 6

By the way, you might be wondering just how tried and true this method is. I’ve been biking in this skirt a lot – I estimate at least 8 hours by now – at both leisurely speeds and when I’m in a hurry. I’ve never had a problem, except that the skirt might blow up a bit in the front when I’m racing. Because of that, I prefer to wear the knee-length slip underneath.


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