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Spying a UFO dressI was browsing through my stash, looking for a quick project, when I spotted a UFO (sewing parlance for an UnFinished Object) I started this dress in 2009, but gave up in the final stretch. When I pulled it out, I found it needed just a zipper, a hem, and a few decorative buttons.

The pattern is Burdastyle’s Mila #6023, and I remember thinking that it was an awkward design, but it was free (emphasis on WAS, now it’s 99 cents…) and who am I to withstand the siren song of a freebie?

Well, that attitude clearly didn’t work out so well, because I remember deciding this was ugly and didn’t fit right, which is why I set it aside.

Seeing a UFO dressBut now that I’ve pulled it out again, I love it! The fabric is a quilting cotton, and I like the stiff structural quality it gives the dress. And since I’m into eye-popping floral prints now, this is perfect.

I  added  yellow bias tape to highlight  design seams so they wouldn’t get lost in the print. The Mila pattern is a bit odd because the center front seam of the dress is open, but there’s a dickey sewn in to look like an underdress. I think it was meant to have hooks and eyes up the front, but that’s too much work. I just sewed pink buttons on every few inches to connect both edges.

front closeup ufo dressWorking with such a large-scale print was a fun challenge. I matched the prints down the center front and lower center back, and where I didn’t have enough fabric to match (the center front skirt and the upper back) I made sure I wasn’t cutting off any flowers in the middle.

In cutting this out, I used advice in a Threads Magazine article from 2005, “New Rules for Large Prints.” Some of their best advice: be careful not to put a flower center on your breast or a giant flower in the middle of your bum!

back closeup UFO dress

By the way, if you’re not acquainted with Threads, I highly recommend it. It’s full of articles for all skill levels and lots of inspiration. I get my subscription shipped from the US to Europe for only a couple dollars extra each year and I hold on to all my back issues for reference. Ok, back to the main program:

Looking for a UFO dress

I’m off to hunt my stash for more UFO’s with potential!

  • Sassy T

    Featured on Sassy Sewing Bees as agreed https:///sassysewingbees

  • Rhonda

    So cute. Love the “beam me up” hat 😉
    I’vehad garments that have languished unfinished and then once finished, I couldn’t wear them enough. Then I wonder, who changed, me or the garment?!!! Enjoy your lovely new dress.

  • Kait

    Your UFO photos are so funny, Helen! I like the piping on your dress. You should add this to the Repurpose Refashion Reuse group from Sew Amy.

    And hey, what is with Burda charging for all their free patterns now? I was lucky I collected all the free downloads about a month before they started charging for them!

    • Button and Snap

      I don’t think this counts as a refashion since I used new fabric, but what I will have to check out Sew Amy because I haven’t heard of it. I suspect Burda only had the free patterns to get people to join their site and now that it’s big, they’re giving away fewer freebies.

  • Kira

    Great job at finishing a UFO! I need to do the same but of course I’m not and right now I’ve just started sewing a brand new skirt. Maybe I could work on a UFO after that 🙂

    • Button and Snap

      Haha yeah, it can be hard to get to old things when you have new ideas. But I like the quick fix of getting something done in a couple hours, and a half-finished project is ideal for that 🙂

  • Sassy T

    This is gorgeous, pattern matching superb and fabulous photoshoot
    Would you mind me sharing your projects on SSB in the future? I link to your post and let you know when, on the post in question?

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