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Wearable blazer mock up – need suggestions on the trim!

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Mockup Front

I’ve made a mockup of the blazer I’m planning on making. I’m using this pattern from Burda. I cut a size 36, tapering to a 40 at the low hip. The fit is pretty darn close; I just want to take a little bit of fabric out of the back.

Since I haven’t finished the edges, the final coat would be a half inch smaller at the center front, collar, and hem. However, I like the length of the hem as it is so I’m going to add another half inch to the pattern.

Mockup Back

I made this mock up from an old duffle coat of my husband’s and I had to get creative with pattern placement to get the whole pattern out of the coat. I wasn’t able to match the plaid inside, but I did get it lined up in key places, especially the collar and lapels.

Pattern layout

Since the seam lines of the original coat remain visible on the fabric, I decided to play up the worn look. I’ve sewn the coat with lapped seams that can unravel a little, and I’m planning on leaving all the edges raw.

Trimming lapped seams

I’m trying to decide how to trim the coat. I want to take it in a steampunk direction since that goes with the worn look. I definitely want it be double-breasted with two rows of large buttons, but I can’t decide what type. Maybe covered buttons in plaid, or big antique gold buttons?

Also, should I add trim (maybe red lace or braid around the edges?), patch pockets, or maybe a belt?

  • Gnat

    I’m no seamtress, but I like the idea of big shiny buttons and would go with faux fur trim if that works. It will be really lovely any way you decide to go. So rare to see people with well tailored clothes.

  • Kait

    I’m really excited to see you making this pattern. I was curious about it when I got that issue of Burda. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  • Margaret

    Very creative re-use of an old coat! I love the fit. I would suggest playing with some red or red and gold trim on top of the plaid collar to mimic the shape of your face and counter act some of the large size of the collar compared to your small physique. You could also try folding under the collar to about 3/4 size to see if it is more complementary to your size or try angling the bottom of the front collar up instead of being horizontal. I just think the collar is a little too large for your frame. Just some ideas to play with. I can see this is going to be an amazing jacket!!!!

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