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Wearable muslin: a comfy new sweater

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I finished this pullover before Christmas and have been wearing it a lot the last couple of weeks. I made it as part of prepping for my Christmas dress. As I wrote in my last post,  I had planned to make a sweater and skirt, but I ended up sewing a dress.

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However, I had already made a pattern for the Christmas sweater as well as a trial version. This pullover is that mock-up.

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The pattern for this is knocked off of a thrifted sweater that I altered to fit last winter. The pattern came out pretty well; the only alterations I’d make if I used it again would be to lengthen both the sleeves and the hemline.

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I bought the main fabric for this sweater from the same department store sale where I got the fabric for my Christmas dress. I splurged and bought 7 pieces of fabric at that sale, but I’m proud to say I’ve already used up 6 of them!

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The ribbing for this project comes from an old sweater. It’s not quite the same color as my fabric, but I like the contrast. And I think the ribbing makes the sweater look more like it was knitted, rather than sewn.


To make the wide cuffs at the wrists, I cut two rectangles out of the back yoke of the old sweater.  Unlike the rest of the ribbing, I had to finish the edges of the cuffs, which was a real pain because I only have one pair of knitting needles, and they were the wrong size. Binding off those edges really stretched my patience – this is why I’ve never really gotten into knitting!


Other than that, constructing the sweater was straightforward – I just serged everything together. I had to put the ribbing at the neckline and hem on twice because they weren’t tight enough.

FrontLaidOut1The ribbing at the hem could still be pulled tighter. But I’m not going to change it – I’m perfectly content with how comfy this mock-up sweater turned out.



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  • Virginia

    The photography for this post is so beautiful! The pictures look like they’re from a professional photo shoot! Also I love the sweater! You make such stylish things.

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