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Wool you be my Valentine?

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You make my heart skip a stitch

I have a sugary-sweet new skirt for Valentine’s day. It’s made of Scottish wool in a traditional herringbone tweed pattern, but the feminine colours are what really make it stand out. And just like the rainbow skirt I made in January, this skirt is upcycled from secondhand clothing.

When my mom gave me the original skirt, a charity shop find, I was enchanted by its colors, but I couldn’t imagine wearing it as it was. The style seemed too dated and it had a couple of brown stains near the hem. However, I couldn’t let such pretty fabric lie around gathering dust, so I kept thinking about it. Finally, I came up with what I think is my most creative refashioning solution yet.Dunedin Scottish Herringbone

As I’m sure you’ve now guessed after seeing the picture – I took the whole skirt apart and put it back together upside down. The project was a huge amount of work – just ripping it apart and configuring the new pleats to hide the old stains took hours.

But it came out beautifully! And I’m proud of how well the stripes match up at every seam! Putting the stripes at the top really changes the look of the skirt, doesn’t it?

I'm shear-iously crazy for you

I predict that I’ll spend many more winter days enjoying this skirt’s woolly warmth.

Before I end the post, I just have one question for you since it’s Valentine’s day…Sewing valentine's phrases

Well wool ya, Valentine?


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