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Young, dumb, having some fun!

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My sister Madeline came to visit this weekend! She’s studying in Heidelberg this year, which is just two hours from me in Stuttgart. And since I had just finished a Biology final, and she gets next week free from classes to visit Barcelona, we had good reason to par-tay!

So what do you think these two college students did on their mini-break?

We trashed the apartment…

Because we’re young, we’re dumb, we’re having some fun!
We’re staying up til midnight with the sewing machine on!

Oh yes – there are fabric scraps and pattern pieces lying all over the place because we spent the weekend working on a dress for Madeline. We started with this dress, which we’ve decided just have been a robe from the 1960s or something.

1960's Housedress

Madeline brings out it’s charm with her best impression of a strict school teacher. We’re making a cute sheath dress out of it. It’ll look a lot like view 3 of this Simplicity pattern, but with elbow-length sleeves and a deep V-neckline in the back.

Early Sixties Summer Dress

Sadly, we didn’t quite get it done, but I’m hoping we’ll have it finished for Madeline’s birthday!

1960s Mini Dress


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